Just want a glass of wine and some nibbles out in the sun....

Well what can I say! 

What a crazy year 2020 was and now it's rolling in to 2021.

I started 2020 not in a very good head space, but lockdowns helped me and allowed me to rest without the stresses of everyday life. I built my relationships back up with my children, appreciate how little we actually spend with our children and we thrived. I know many have had their struggles and my heart goes out to each and everyone of them. I hope this totally crazy time comes to an end soon, so I can get out with friends in the sunshine for drinks and nibbles...

The wax melt industry has also took a hit with shortages of wax, thankfully I managed to get all I needed to restock your fav melts. However getting my labels has been chaotic! But all will be figured out.

Looking forward to the next couple of months and introducing some new exciting products for you all.

I wish you all the best xx

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