Bath Bombs

Welcome to the new exciting collection to be added to the By Charlene range.

Vegan and Animal cruelty free.

All bath bombs are cosmetically tested therefore completely safe to use.

Choose from beautiful rainbows that fill your bath with a rainbow of colour or one of the fabulous coloured medium sized bath bombs.

Choose from the following scents -

Mermaid kisses - Vanilla and toffee

Berry Slush - Iced berries and vanilla

Sugar fairy - Pear drop, bubble gum, candyfloss, vanilla cream

In the buff - Bright bergamot with hues of vetiver, & patchouli on a gentle base of lavender and gardenia blossoms.

Ladies night - A beautiful blend of mandarin, rose, lily and jasmine with a base of cedarwood

Flower queen - Citrus top note with a floral heart all on a woodsy base

Arabian dusk - Black oud


How to store and use your bath bombs

Store your bath bombs in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

To use your bath bomb gently place in a tub of warm water and watch the colourful display. Get in and relax.

APPROX 80-90g  -  bombs

APPROX 110g - Rainbows

If using when pregnant or breastfeeding please get advice from your doctor or midwife, this is due to the floral oils used in the fragrance.