Room & Body Mists

New !

I’ve been using my own room sprays for a while now and thought I'd take the next step and turn them in to a duel purpose mist. I selected scents from the inspired range of scents and created the New Room & Body spray.

Can be used safely on the skin as a Eau de toilette and also as a room mist, although I do recommend testing in a small area first and avoid painted or polished surfaces. 

Introductory offer of £6.99 for the first week, then will be £9.99 

Room Mist- 

Add a beautiful burst of scent to any room with the choice of room mists. Please test on a small patch of furnishing first or lightly mist into the air. 100ml



Essential Oil Pillow Mist -

A relaxing mist created with the highest intentions. I struggled relaxing in the evening and knew I needed to take some steps to reduce this. I decided to research essential oils and came across this amazing blend.

Aromatic Lavender, Clary Sage, Chamomile and Geranium entwine with notes of Bergamot. 100ml