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Wax Melts

Please keep in their original packaging or in a container. Do not mix with other fragrances as doing so can upset the chemical balance of the oils within the melts.

To use - Place one or two melts in the well of a wax burner, use an unscented tealight and let them melt away and release their beautifully scented aromas. You can keep warming until you can no longer smell the scent.

To change the melts, gentle warm the wax until melted and place a few cotton wool balls or use kitchen roll to soak the melt away and throw in to the waste bin. 

Can also be used in electric wax warmers.

Diffusers -

Once received, remove the cap and take out the stopper and discard. Place on a stable surface and insert the fibre reeds. The scent will start to release within a few days. Although not needed, I do recommend turning the reeds every few days to get a nice burst of fragrance. All diffusers last a minimum of 4 months. When turning reeds, please remove from painted or polished surfaces. For prolonged use, do not place near a heat source.

Hand and Body wash - 

Remove the collar from the neck or twist anti clockwise depending on the container.

Apply a few pumps to your hands and lather well, once ready rinse with warm water.

Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact with eyes, rinse well with cold water, if problems persist, seek medical advise.


Any further question or advice needed please don't hesitate to contact myself at