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Gorgeous Electric Touch Sensitive Burner Lamp


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Gorgeous Electric Touch Sensitive Burner Lamp

Absolutely beautiful electric burner. Touch sensitive too. In silver with a beautiful cut out pattern. Will look classy in any room of your home. 

This device is a touch sensitive controlled lamp and a scented wax melt burner. There are 3 settings low, medium and high which is shown by the level of light. The level of light also determines the amount of heat given out by the bulb to heat the wax so you can control both heat and light together simply by touching the outer casing. Please note the sensor is more sensitive near the top or bottom of the device.

Before switching on the device, place a scented wax melt in the provided glass dish and put this on top of the bulb. DO NOT put in glass dish or add wax melt to the dish after the device is switched on or when it is hot. This is because the bulb/dish can get very hot which can cause injury if not careful.

Switch on the product. Nothing will happen at this point. You will need to touch the casing.

1st touch - low setting = lowest brightness, lowest heat

2nd touch - medium setting = medium brightness, medium heat

3rd touch - max. setting = max. brightness, max. heat

One touch again this will switch off the device.



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Inventory Last Updated: Jan 29, 2020

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