Lash & Brow Serum

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This natural, amazing, versatile, all round serum suitable for all skin types, hair, lashes, brows, nails and cuticles! helps to nourish, revitalise and revive.

This serum is packed full of essential fatty acids, required to maintain healthy skin. It also contains Linoleic Omega 6 and Oleic Omega 9 fatty acids, which makes the serum beneficial to all skin types, including those with oily skin.

It is also non-comedogenic which means it won’t block your pores. It has a thick, honey-like texture and helps protect the skin from environmental elements.

The serum is an excellent emollient and a natural humectant. It hydrates the skin and helps keep the moisture locked in, making it ideal for those with dry skin conditions too.


To nourish your hair from root to tip, add a couple of drops of serum to your shampoo for a shine & conditioning boost.


Nailcare: It is an excellent treatment for your nails and cuticles. Massage into nail beds to help protect and strengthen.


Eyebrows and lashes: Keep your brows on fleek by massaging a little Serum on them before you go to bed. Use a mascara wand or a cotton bud to coat your lashes too.


30mls comes in sealable bag with applicator wand